Technologies and diagnostics

Customer Retention Management (Epicor /MechanicNet)

Offered “à la carte” at a preferential rate

What is MechanicNet?

It’s a preferred tool for customer retention!

  • Recurring service reminders sent to your clients
  • Surveys, promotions, and thank you messages sent to your clients
  • Access to management reports to facilitate customer management
  • Your own personalized website
  • Online access to the maintenance history of your customers’ vehicles
  • Personalized postcards sent to your clients
  • And more!
For an overview of MechanicNet’s services, CLICK HERE
Discover the benefits of MechanicNet’s services.

Who should I contact to find out more about MechanicNet?

Alda Rodriguez


Will I be charged for using the MechanicNet services?

You will be billed directly by MechanicNet on your credit card.

Should you choose these additional features, the following one-time charges will be invoiced directly to you by MechanicNet, on a credit card:

  • Postcard mailing: $1.22/post card, including printing and distribution
  • Email sending: $0.15/sent email, maximum of $25/month

Who should I contact for technical support?

Call 1-877-632-4638 for technical and customer support.

How can I get this service in my shop?

Contact MechanicNet directly (see contact infos above).