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ASP Central Point

Included in SAX and Uni-Pro program. For more details, contact your member store.

What is ASP Central Point?

It is a real-time e-commerce link between you and your jobber member. You have access to the market leading offering and more than 3M replacement parts, tools and equipment.

Besides ordering parts online, this site will give you access to a variety of important data, such as:

  • PDFs of promotional catalogs
  • Catalog for application parts
    • National-branded products
    • Full coverage for your import vehicle needs
    • Access to live pricing to maintain your profitability
    • Links to manufacturers’ websites
    • Newsletter and manufacturers’ bulletin
    • 24/7 access to your USI member and DC inventories!
    • Take advantage of additional data!
      • Labour guide: Mitchell labor times for common mechanical parts inspection, repair and replacement. Times can include base and additional times based on vehicle specific conditions.
      • Technical service bulletins (TSB):TSBs are searchable by vehicle category or symptom. Results are full TSB documents where available.
      • Factory scheduled maintenance (FSM): OEM recommended service intervals displayed by vehicle mileage.
      • Lube capacities: Fluid capacities, types and related torques for key vehicles system requiring fluids.
      • Tire fitment: Vehicle application specific OEM standard and optional fitments including basic air pressure and wheel lug nut torque information.

ASP Central Point is also available in mobile mode for Smartphones and tablets with features below:

  • Compatible with any device
  • Stock check
  • Parts catalog lookup
  • Includes a VIN scanner
  • Place orders right away
  • Multiple Language support
  • And other site features (saved orders, tool tab, etc.)

To learn more: Introducing UniCentralPoint Mobile

How can I access it?

Your Member store will give you your access codes. Then, go to

Who should I contact for technical support?

Contact Daniel Malone and his team at Uni-Select at 1 877 282-4114,