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Competitor Warranty

Program Cost
Uni-Pro $14.95
SAX Non Available
  • What is the Competitor Warranty Program?

This option available as an addition to your program, allows you to honor warranties issued by competing networks of mechanic shops offering equal or superior warranty to yours and get the part credited by Uni-Select.

(This warranty does not cover labour and does not apply to commercial vehicles).

You now have the possibility to take over any warranty issued by a competing shop, including the ones offered by car dealerships.

Only the parts listed below are eligible for the competitor warranty.

  • Shock and Strut
  • Mufflers and Performance Muffler
  • Soldered Quiet-Flow Assemblies
  • Catalyst
  • Brake (Pads and shoes)
  • Automobile Rack and Pinion Steering Gear
  • Automobile CV Joints
  • Hub bearing
  • The following Steering Parts:
      • Ball Joints
      • Idler Arms
      • Center Links
      • Pitman Arms
      • Fittings and Sleeves
      • Steering Rod Coil Spring

**IMPORTANT: For your claim to be eligible, make sure that the invoice from the competition clearly and legibly states that a valid warranty has been issued on the parts installed. No handwritten additions to the competitor’s invoice will be accepted.**

  • Can I take over warranties from any repair shop? What conditions apply?

To honor the competitor warranty, make sure that :

1- It comes from a recognized network.  Please refer to the list: eligible banner

2- The competitor offers a warranty and that the customer provides proof of warranty

3- The nature of the warranty appears on the customer’s invoice

4- Your customer has the original invoice in hand for proof.

  • How can I make a claim?

For your warranties to be honored, send all required documents by email to the USI ASP Service Center at aspservicecenter@uniselect.com.

You will need to submit the following :

  1. The original invoice from your competitor with a valid proof of warranty listed
  2. A copy of the newly issued invoice
    • The part number must appear on both invoices
    • The customer’s name must be the same on both invoices (invoices made for cash sales or in the name of a company will not be accepted).
    • Both invoices should includes:
        • Customer’s full address
        • Customer’s telephone number
        • Vehicle’s make and model 
        • License plate number
        • Mileage
  3. A copy of the part invoice from your member store for the purchase of the replacement part.

Once the documents have been received and verified and if everything is conforming, an authorization number will be communicated via email to the installer, confirming the acceptation of its reimbursement claim. (The normal delay is 4 to 6 hours after the documents have been received.)

Dispose of the defective part (the one you have replaced).

  • Are all the parts eligible for a refund?

No, please refer to this list: Eligible parts chart

  • Where can I find a poster so that my customers know that I honor warranties issued by competing repair shops?

You should have received one in your start-up kit. However, if you wish to order more or get a new one, go to Safeguard online ordering site. 

  • What are the delays to be expected before my customer receives their cheque?

Please expect a delay of 60 days from the moment USI ASP Service Center receives the documents.

  • What are the delays to send a claim request?

Claim requests must be sent within 3 months. No credit will be issued after this delay.