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Labour Warranty for Standard Vehicles (non-commercial)

Program Included
Uni-Pro 12 months / 24,000 km
SAX 90 days

Uni-Select Banner programs include a labour warranty as well as a parts warranty.

For all information about parts warranties, please contact your wholesaler member.

UniSelect provides a labour warranty to cover the replacement of certain parts in case of defect during a time period specified by the banner program to which the shop is subscribed.

  1. Non-commercial vehicle Labour Warranty Coverage

Depending the program to which the Shop is subscribed, a defective part installed on a non-commercial vehicle would be covered as follows:

SAX Banner: 90 days

Uni-Pro Banner: 12 months / 24,000 Km

  1. Admissibility Date

Labour warranty coverage begins at the date of installation of the defective part and not the date of purchase

If a shop has just subscribed to a banner program, any part installed after the ‘’Signature Date’’ would be covered by the banner labour warranty.

If a shop upgrades to a superior banner program, any part installed after the ‘’Signature Date’’ would be covered for the upgraded time period. Any part installed PRIOR to this date would be covered under the previous banner time period.

  1. Eligible Parts

Only the Specified manufacturer’s parts listed on the latest Quality Assurance Chart (QA) are eligible for labour reimbursements.

Please note that only the defective part is covered by the warranty. Other parts potentially damaged by the defective part, are not covered by the warranty.

  1. Eligible and Ineligible Vehicles

The Labour Warranty for Regular Vehicles covers all standard vehicles registered under a private person’s name weighing 1 ton or less. (light trucks 3500 series or less 350 Ford or less).

All vehicles over 1 tonne are not eligible, nor are modified vehicles and vehicles used for competition or off-road use.

All claims concerning a vehicle that is not registered in the name of an individual, or where the bills are paid by a company, business, association and not an individual will automatically fall under the commercial labour warranty program. (See Labour Warranty for commercial vehicles

  1. Delay allowed to submit labour warranty claim

The shop has 365 days from the date of replacement of the defective part to submit a labour claim.

  1. Hourly rate paid for labour warranties
  • Quebec and Atlantic Canada $65/hr
  • Ontario and Western Canada $80/hr
  1. What time reference can be used to determine time claimed?

There are 3 systems which supply time to be claimed:

The time reimbursed cooresponds to the ‘’Remove and Replace’’ time listed for the defective part. Additional work is not covered. For Example: alignments, line perching, diagnostics, filling.

  1. What procedure to follow to make a claim?

Go to Labour Claim procedures page for instructions

  1. Who to contact to verify ‘’Status’’ of a claim?

No correspondence will be sent out. The Status can be easily verified directly on the Warranty page

  1. What is the delay for reimbursement?

Expect up to 30 days to receive a labour warranty credit to the member store. As for parts reimbursement, please contact the member store where purchased.

  1. What is the procedure for returning a Part?

It is mandatory to return the part to the Regional Distribution Centre or Manufacturer with an authorized labour warranty claim attached which you can print on-line from the labour warranty system.

The Member Store has 30 days to return the part to the Regional Distribution Centre or directly to the Manufacturer. Otherwise the credit issued for the labour warranty may be reversed and charged to the member store.