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Limited Lifetime Warranties on Suspension, Steering and Exhaust Parts

** This option is not available for SAX members.

What are the restrictions for this warranty?

  • Warranties must be offered free of charge. It is strictly prohibited by law and by our industry to sell a limited lifetime warranty to a customer.
  • The limited lifetime warranty is honored by all shops part of your program for as long as the consumer who received the warranty remains the owner of the vehicle.
  • Since this warranty is offered throughout the network, each shop must respect and honor the warranty’s terms and conditions, even if it was issued by another shop part of your program.
  • The warranty is only valid if the customer still owns the vehicle. This warranty is non-transferrable.
  • This protection includes replacement of covered parts due to manufacturing defects or normal wear and tear.
  • The part must not be defective due to neglect, improper use, modification, accident or fire.
  • The vehicle must not have been used or be used for commercial or competition purposes.
  • If a customer asks for a partial repair that could damage or accelerate the wear and tear of the part, no warranty may be issued.
  • Warranty claims are only valid upon presentation of original invoice and sticker.
  • Maintenance instructions must have been fulfilled.
  • Any shop honoring a warranty while one of these restrictions is not respected will be entirely responsible for the cost of the replaced part.

How do I issue a warranty to my customers?

Offer a warranty sticker free of charge for the sold part to your customer. As soon as a warranty sticker is placed on the invoice, the warranty becomes valid.

Warranty stickers are available for $3.49 each. To order new stickers, go to Safeguard website. 

Make sure the following information appears on the invoice that the shop is issuing (with the sticker):

  1. Customer’s name and address, as well as the repair date
  2. Vehicle’s brand, model, year, serial number and mileage
  3. Replaced part serial number
  4. Fill out the warranty sticker:
    1. Place the Consumer portion on the customer’s invoice.
    2. Place the wholesaler/Claim portion on the invoice copy that you will give to your Uni-Select Merchant Member. (This portion of the sticker is only used when a claim is filed)
    3. Place the Shop portion on your copy of the invoice to keep for your files.

What should I do if a customer shows up with a repair covered by this warranty?

If a customer comes to your shop to have a repair done under this warranty, you must:

  • Make sure that none of the above-mentioned restrictions apply
  • Take the customer’s invoice with the original sticker
  • Issue a new replacement invoice
  • Issue a new warranty sticker, following the usual procedure
  • Send paperwork and original invoice to your Uni-Select Merchant to get your reimbursement. 

Can I claim Labour costs to Uni-Select?

Labour is not covered by this warranty.

How do I claim a part?

Then send all paperwork (original invoice with sticker and replacement invoice) to your Merchant to get your credit. The part must be returned to the Merchant.

Are suspension, steering, and exhaust parts warranties honored by all shops part of the Uni-Select network across Canada?

No, they are honored by all shops part of the Uni-Select network in Canada except for SAX program shops.

How will I get my money back?

You Merchant Member will issue a credit.

What are the delays to be expected for receiving a credit?

Please expect a delay of 30 days to receive your credit, following receipt of your paperwork.

Who should I call to find out about my request status?

Speak to your Uni-Select Merchant.