Loyalty Rebates

How can I earn USI Dollars?

You earn USI dollars (Loyalty rebates) automatically every time you purchase products from eligible lines through your Uni-Select Merchant.

How do you calculate applicable rebates?

Calculation Chart for Eligible Lines*Rebate Percentage Convertible in USI Dollars
Annual Purchases in $** Regular Lines Specialty Lines
$30,000 to $59,999 2% 0.33%
$60,000 to $99,999 3% 0.66%
$100,000 to $149,999 4% 1%
$150,000 to $199,999 5% 1.33%
$200,000 to $249,999 5.5% 1.33%
$250,000 to $299,999 6% 1.33%
$300,000 to $349,999 6.5% 1.33%
$350,000 and more 7% 1.33%
* See the Loyalty Chart for eligible lines.** Only includes purchases made from participating manufacturers.

Who are the participating manufacturers in the program allowing me to earn USI Dollars on their products?

Refer to the participating manufacturers’ list: Loyalty Chart

Can I earn USI Dollars through many Uni-Select Merchant Members?

No, USI Dollars can only be earned through the Uni-Select Merchant Member with whom the shop has a contract and is the shop’s first call.

However, for shops registered with the Collision option, the PBE Merchant Member may differ from the one for mechanic parts. Although purchases made through the PBE Merchant Member and those made through the Mechanic Merchant Member are added to calculate the rebate bracket (%) the shop is entitled to, rebate percentages solely apply to purchases made through the Mechanic Merchant Member. Therefore, USI Dollars are only redeemable on mechanic parts purchases.

How can I claim my USI Dollars?

You do not need to claim your USI Dollars. Rebates are paid annually by your Merchant Member, according to contract guidelines.

What are the criteria to be eligible to the Loyalty Rebate Program?

  • To be eligible to the Loyalty Rebate program (USI Dollars), the shop’s account must be up-to-date with its Uni-Select Merchant Member.
  • To receive the credit, the shop must be part of a Uni-Select program when the Loyalty Rebate (USI Dollars) is being paid.
  • The shop must have a minimum annual purchase of $30,000 (between January 1st and December 31st) with its affiliated Merchant Member. Purchases must be done from the selection of eligible lines and participating suppliers only for the shop to earn USI Dollars. (Refer to the complete list of eligible lines in the Loyalty Chart ).
  • For the Collision option: USI Dollars are paid on the purchase of mechanical parts only.

How often and when are payments made?

The USI Dollars payment is made annually in the first quarter of the following year.

If I have just joined a Uni-Select program, will I get my USI Dollars retroactively for the current year?

If your Merchant Member has indicated that you are eligible for this option at the time of sign-up, and prior to November 30th of the enrollment year, your dollars will be retroactive.

Some conditions may apply, please contact your member store for more information.

Who should I contact for questions about my USI Dollars?

You should contact your Merchant Member.

What is the difference between a regular line and a specialty line?

Only the percentage of rebate varies. Refer to the Loyalty Chart for more details.