We hereby inform you that, as of January 1, 2021, Uni-Select has transitioned from the SAX program to the PREMIER REWARDS, See below terms and conditions. Please note that the PREMIER REWARDS program may be further amended from time to time by Uni-Select.

  1. How to qualify for the PREMIER REWARDs program:

To qualify for the PREMIER REWARDS program:

  • An ASP must be part of one of our SAX, Uni-Pro (with or without image) banner programs.
  • The ASP account must be up to date with the wholesale member of the Uni-Select network and be part of a Uni-Select banner program at the time the rewards are paid;
  • Meet the minimum purchase criteria for loyalty product lines (See loyalty chart, which contains the eligible lines)

Uni-Pro_SAX ASPs:

  • Minimum annual purchases of $30,000 (Regular lines and Special Lines) to be eligible for the rewards
  1. How are the rewards calculated?

I. Progressive Grid for basic Reward:

Uni-Pro_SAX ASPs Grid:


Level and rewards are determined on regular line purchases only.

II. Bonus Rewards:

  • Essential Lines bonus:
    • In addition to the basic reward, all ASPs will get an additional bonus of 2.5% of a pre-determined list of strategic product lines
    • To be eligible for this bonus, ASPs must meet two conditions:
      • Purchases of Essential products must account for 55% or more of the total regular and specialty lines products purchases.
      • The Essential lines Bonus will be paid only if the ASP has maintained or increased its total annual purchases (Regular and Special Lines) compared to the previous year.
    • The Essential Lines bonus is offered to all ASPs in Uni-Pro and SAX.
    • Essential Lines are also part of the Regular Lines (except for a few lines that can also be included in the Special Lines)
  • Special Lines Bonus:
    • In addition to the basic reward and Essential Lines Bonus, all ASPs will get an additional bonus of 1% on purchases of a pre-determined list of special product lines.
    • Special Lines bonus is offered to all ASPs in Uni-Pro and SAX.

Please consult the loyalty chart for the eligible product lines and participating suppliers

  1. How Can I claim my rewards?

You do not need to claim your rewards. They will be paid automatically to all ASPs, at the beginning of the year, by a credit issued by your wholesale member according to the parameters indicated in your contract.

You must be part of a Uni-Select banner program at the time the rewards are paid out;

4.What will be the payment frequency or dates?

Payment of rewards is made once a year, at the beginning of the year (1st quarter) for the previous year’s cumulative purchases.

5.Who do I contact if I have questions about the PREMIER REWARDS program?

You should contact your wholesale store

6.What is the difference between a regular line, an essential line and a special line?

It is the percentage of discount granted that varies. See the shopping cart chart for more details.

7.What are the criteria for the tire program?

ASPs can receive an additional reward for their Tire purchases. The Tire Reward will be paid only and only if ASPs will meet program qualification requirements.

Basic Tire Reward:

Uni-Pro_SAX Tire Grid:


First of all, the level of parts is established according to ASP regular line purchases and then the reward ratio for tires is established according to the total amount of tires purchases.

Tire grid is not progressive

Tire Program available only in Québec and Atlantic, thus offered only to specific ASPs in Québec and Atlantic provinces

8.How are the rewards calculated if I join the program during the year?

New ASPs joining the program:

  • Year 1, the requirement for equivalent or increased purchases will be automatically applied;
  • Year 2, only the months of participation in the Year 1 program will be used for the calculation of the equivalency or purchase increase.