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Preferential Rates on Credit Card Transactions

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What are the current preferred rates?

There are many rates available listed in the Preferential rate form and Desjardins/Moneris rate forms. For Assistance, contact USI ASP Service Center at

Preferential Rate Form

UNI SELECT_Installers Rate Sheet_2021_EN

How can I get the current preferred rates?

You must fill out the Preferential rate form (see document above) and send it back to your store representative.

For Moneris, you must complete the Moneris form (see document above) and fax it to the number listed at the bottom of the form.

I have questions about invoicing. Who should I call?

You must contact the service provider directly for all invoicing inquiries.

I don’t get preferred rates even though I have requested it. Who can help me?

Contact your Uniselect FSP or email

What are the delays to get preferred rates from the time of the request?

Rate updates follow your financial institution account cycle. Rates should be adjusted on your next account statement.