Technologies and diagnostics

Program Management Portal

1- How to access the program management portal?

Log on to

2- What are my access codes?

Your access codes were sent to you by email by the ASP Service center when you joined the program.

However, if you have misplaced them, please contact the ASP Service center at

3- What can I see on this program management portal?

You will see all the information concerning your shop, all the details of your banner program, the history of the training courses followed by your technicians as well as all your labour warranties.

4- What can I do on the program management portal?

On this site, you can submit all your labour warranties. (procedures Here)

You can also register your technicians for training courses. (Follow the procedures in the guide Here )

You can NOT change your contact information, nor add or remove options to your program.

5- Who do I contact for help using the portal?

Contact the ASP Service Center at

6- Can I make changes to my program via the portal at any time?

To add options to your program during the year, please contact the ASP Service Center by email at

You will be able to remove options from your program only once a year, around your anniversary date, by contacting the ASP Service Center by email at

**All requests for changes to the program must be made by email. No requests for changes will be accepted by telephone.**

7- Will I receive a reminder when I change my options in the portal, once a year? How will this reminder be done?

An anniversary letter summarizing the benefits of your program will be sent to you, your member store and your BDM by email 30 days before the renewal date of your program.