Marketing solutions

Newmood- Digital Signage

Program Cost
Uni-Pro $49.99/month
SAX Non Available

What is digital signage? 

It’s a digital signage system for your shop that acts as a dynamic promotional tool. 

Can I create my own content? 

Yes, and we recommend you do so to make the most of this tool! However, you must conform to the brand guidelines. 

Who should I contact for technical support? 

Please contact 

At what price the service is offered? 

Digital signage is offered at $49.99 per month*. You also have access to a library of content provided by the Newmood. Contact them for more details!  

*Installation fees will apply 

How can I get set-up and trained on this tool? 

Simply fill out the order form and send it to A technician will contact you within two weeks to schedule the installation