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Digital Signage for the Waiting Room

Program Cost
Uni-Pro $49.99/month
SAX Non Available

What is digital signage by Newmood?

It is a digital signage system for your waiting room. You can use it as a dynamic promotional tool and it can even encourage your technical advisor and improve sale techniques!

For more information, click Here

What is Moodbox?

Moodbox is the name of a new plug and play digital signage solution by Newmood. With this device you can quickly turn any television into a powerful digital sign.

What are the benefits of Moodbox?

  • Easy to plug in and to connect to your local network.
  • Easy to create and manage the content of your digital signage
  • Relevant content and promotion, created by you or Uni-Select, across the network.
  • Cutting-edge technology that is sure to capture your customer’s attention in your service area and sets you apart from the competition.

Can I have access to pre-made content?

Depending on your program, some corporate content is automatically uploaded to the Moodbox system and broadcasted in your waiting room including:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Supplier information and promotions

Can I create my own content?

Yes, and we recommend you do so to make the most of this tool!  To view a guide of the various functions available with the Moodbox, click here

Who should I contact for technical support?

8, rue Saint-François
Victoriaville QC G6P 1E3
1 800 265-0111

Is there any hardware requirements?

Yes, but with Moodbox it is now easier and less expensive to have digital signage in your service area. : (see How to connect here)

  • A wireless connection
  • One television or more, depending on your needs
  • One Moodbox

How can I add this service to my program?

To subscribe to this service, please contact your store representative or your Uniselect FSP.

Will Newmood invoice me directly?

By adding this option to your program, the fees will automatically be added to your program’s monthly invoice!

Can I have more than one digital sign?

Depending on the distance, the same content can be broadcast on multiple screens in the same building using a video signal distributor and network cable. It will generally be necessary to have a separate broadcaster for each building. If you want to broadcast different content on each screen, then one broadcaster per screen is required. Newmood’s team can help you with the costs and installation requirement according to your specific scenario.