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On-Hold Messages

Programmes Fees
Uni-Pro $49,99/month
SAX Not Available

What are on-hold messages?

They are messages adapted to your program that your callers can hear while they are waiting on-hold.

More details, here

Do I have to pay for the installation?

Yes, when you add this option to your program you will have to pay a setup fee at $195. This will be invoiced directly by Newmood.

What should I do to add this option to my program and get this service in my shop?

To subscribe to this service, please contact your store representative.

Where should I call for technical support?

Contact Newmood at 1-800-265-0111 for technical support or email

Will Newmood invoice me directly?

When you select this option, the fee will simply be added to your monthly program invoice.

Can I hear an example of on-hold messaging?

Click here to listen some examples.

How often are the messages modified?

We modify the messages five times a year for spring, summer, fall, winter and the holiday season (Christmas).

What contains an on-hold message?

An on-hold message lasts about four minutes. There is music in the background and the message can contain five to six subjects related to the banner. When the message is bilingual, there is a French segment followed by an English segment. Messages are played back repeatedly.

Will the client need to buy some extra equipment?

The client has nothing to buy because the broadcasting device is included and remains the property of Newmood who assumes the service and the maintenance. The replacement of the device is guaranteed in case of damage, without charge throughout Canada as long as the customer subscribes to the service.