Marketing solutions

Web and Social Media Campaigns

**This option is only available for Uni-Pro members.

(Included in your program when adopting the recommended image)

As part of your program, you get online visibility if you choose to adopt the recommended Uni-Pro new image.  You will then be included in the shop locator of the Uni-Pro website and will be able to make the most of the corporate Uni-Pro Facebook page by linking your online efforts to those offered by Uni-Select.

We also encourage you to develop your own business website as well as a Facebook page that you can leverage by associating to the corporate versions in place.

How can I create a Facebook business page?

Here is a link provided by Facebook:

It should give you a head start.

There is a mistake in my shop profile on my banner’s website shop locator. What can I do?

Please contact either your store representative or your Uniselect FSP so that someone can make the required changes to your profile.