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Uni-Pro shop locator

As you know, we have made a few changes to the Uni-Pro website (https://unipro.ca). It now includes personalized microsite for each repair shop within the store locator. These microsites are entirely customizable!

All repair shops have been integrated into the locator with the information available in the USI database or with what you have provided us with at the beginning of the year. We invite you to verify the information of your clients’ microsite.

Are all repair shops included in the shop locator?

No, only repair shops from the Uni-Pro programs (with branding usage) are included in the shop locator.

What to do if a repair shop is missing from the locator:

Please contact your store representative or your Uniselect FSP and they will make sure your profile is created.

What to do if the information in a profile is wrong or missing:

Tell the repair shop; they have access to the platform and can make the changes themselves.

How to make changes in the locator?

Please use this guide.

If you have any more questions regarding the platform, please contact your store representative.