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We are very excited to officially introduce a tire program in the Maritimes for you, Automotive Service Providers!

Thanks to its exclusive partnership with Unimax, Uni-Select can now offer your shop an unbeatable offer when it comes to sourcing tires! What is even better is the opportunity it creates to increase your loyalty rebates since the latter will be calculated on the combined volume of tires and parts!

  • As you can see, your ASPs have everything to gain from this new program. Here is a summary of the benefits:
    Increased loyalty dollars as the volume of tires purchased is combined to their parts purchases to determine the rebate level they are entitled to.*
  • A convenient and easy to use online ordering platform that allows access to prices and inventory.
  • Over twenty premium and imported brands such as Goodyear, Pirelli, Toyo and many more to choose from.
  • Delivery from the warehouse to the customer up to 3 times a day in some areas.**
  • Technical training on the tires.
  • Co-op program that allows for co-branded advertising campaigns with some tire companies.

Loyalty Rebates

The yearly minimum volume of purchases required to be part of either Uni-Pro or SAX program is at $30,000. Please note that minimum purchases will no longer include tires.

As we aim to continue to improve the volume of discounts and services provided to the installers, rebates on tire sales will now only apply following the minimum purchase required to join the banner programs in our network is obtained.

Below is a chart that clearly illustrates a few examples.

(To consult the loyalty rebates chart, click here)

Examples Loyalty Lines Purchases Tire Purchases Total Purchases Eligible Rebates
ASP 1 $28,000 $11,000 $39,000 Not Eligible for Loyalty Rebates
ASP 2 $30,000 $35,000 $65,000 3% Loyalty Rebates
ASP 3 $65,000 $40,000 $105,000 4% Loyalty Rebates

Rebate Calculation Method

The amount of rebate and one’s eligibility depends on the installers purchases on exclusive lines.

Once they reach the $30,000 mark, then we will factor in tire purchases – which will see installers receive a higher rebate.

Who should I contact if I had questions?

Please contact your Uniselect BDM or Lucie Lapointe  ( Tel: 888.449.3534 ext 225