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Environmental Agreement

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What are the terms of the agreement between Uni-Select and Safety-Kleen? RPM Eco?


RPM Eco is a company that meets our company’s quality standards and is therefore recognized as a supplier for the recovery of plastic containers contaminated with hydrocarbons throughout our network.

As part of this agreement, a representative of RPM Eco will contact you shortly to offer you a 360-litre bin for the recovery of all your plastic containers contaminated with hydrocarbons.  RPM Eco will remit to participating garages an amount equivalent to $100 per metric ton, calculated in proportion to the quantity of oily plastic recovered in these bins, twice a year.

RPM Eco has a team of more than 40 employees to provide superior customer service. 

All recovered plastic materials are granulated and decontaminated at their Processing Centre to be transformed into pallets for transportation, composters or recycling bins.

 We strongly recommend that you call on this specialized company, RPM Eco, for the collection of plastic containers.

 This agreement is available to all automotive service experts participating in our programs or banners.

 Whom should I contact for more information about these services?

RPM Eco:

1 877 535-0777


Safety-Kleen :