Bumper to Bumper Academy

We are pleased to announce today that our training program is reinventing itself. We are delighted to share with you our brand-new Bumper to Bumper Academy offering. Indeed, the training program, formerly called ”PROPULSION” changes its name and officially becomes ‘‘Bumper to Bumper Academy”. The Bumper to Bumper Academy offers training in mechanical, automotive service and business management for all skill levels. All Automotive Service Providers in our network will be able to customize a training plan to suit their needs.

We have agreements with several strategic partners, here is an overview:


1Mechanic training in partnership with Injectronics:

  • An enriched program for all workshops and stores in our network
  • More than 200 practices and offered exclusively online
  • An exceptional offer, for only 2,700$ per year, you can take advantage of:
    • 4 courses for technicians with a maximum of 20 students per class
    • 4 courses for technical advisors with a maximum of 20 students per class 
    • 4 courses for counter clerks with a maximum of 2 clerks per store
    • Detailed manuals for all students
    • In order to access the calendar and register, please contact inject@mymts.net or by phone 1-204-228-8060.

2Management and business development training in partnership with AED: 

Exclusive business development course designed specifically for independent repair shop owners to help them maximize the value of their business. A course is also available for dealers to help you align with your shops and support them in their success.
In these courses, you will cover a variety of topics: AED Available class list / Liste des cours
  • Pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to explore
  • Recognize the effects of disruptors on your business (including Covid-19) and learn how to implement positive changes to reduce the effects these disruptors could have on your bottom line and profits.
  • Learn a new way to evaluate the success of your business using reliable financial measures.
  • Analyze specific revenue and expense figures for your own business using our easy-to-use mathematical equations that clearly identify your potential for increased profits.
  • Understand how to create a strong corporate culture to retain your skilled staff.
  • Discuss the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Learn the rules for moving forward.
  • Understand how the perception of your company by customers can retain them.

These courses are offered in the following format:

  • 8x sessions 1- hour (one session per week) via Zoom
  • PDF document e-mailed to participants prior to each session
  • Homework at the end of each session (calculations on their profitability, balance sheet and preparation of a plan to correct problems or improve)
  • Test after 8 sessions
  • Participants must attend all 8 sessions
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Instructor available during the 8 sessions for calls/questions or clarification
  • FREE for members of the Bumper to Bumper Auto-Service banner program
  • For ASPs wishing to take advantage of these courses, a cost of $1,200 will be charged after the first training session

Business Courses for stores:

  • 45-minute power-session offered during lunch time.
  • Options available as of May 2021
  • Free for Bumper to Bumper stores
  • The training is offered to all Uni-Select network stores at a cost of $550.00.

For the schedule and to register for the sessions: AED Registration Form (ENG)

324/7 online training in partnership with Cars OnDemand: 

  • Training available at all times (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • CARS on Demand offers access to hundreds of technical and commercial automotive training programs streamed live over the Internet.
  • More than 400 training programs on a schedule that meets your needs.
  • Aftermarket-focused technical education for all makes and models.
  • All courses include additional training materials including learning guides and exams to enhance the learning experience
  • Courses are offered at a cost of $49.95 per month.
  • See the list of courses available here:  Available training
  • For more information please contact info@carstraining.net or call them at 1-855-813-2101
  • To register please contact your Representative or your FSP. 

4Mechanic training in partnership with FORMATION XTREME ( FRENCH ONLY)

  • Hands-on training using our exclusive fleet of training benches covering the most popular automotive engine chassis in Canada.
  • More than 200 practical courses
  • Program available online (depending on COVID-19 restrictions put in place by the Government of the Province of Quebec)
  • Repair shop training is offered to all Uni-Select network stores at a cost of $2,250 per day of training.
  • See the list of courses available here: Available classes (French only) 
  • In order to access the calendar and register, please contact Pierre Henry directly at formationxtreme@hotmail.com.
  • Training available in French only

We are convinced that this new offer will help the workshops in our network to increase their sales and profitability. As well as strengthen their loyalty to our store network. Register quickly, places are limited!
We wish you a lot of success.
Good training to all!